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EOY Assessments

Hi, teachers!  It’s been a while.  Getting settled in a new country with two tiny humans is no small feat.  Sometimes I feel like I’m really doing a great job at functioning here, and some days I want to cry and fly home to shop at Target.  I’ve noticed in a few teacher Facebook groups… Continue reading EOY Assessments

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Something Different

Okay, so if you have ever been here before, you know that elementary math is my number one.  But if you know me in real life you also know that I have LOTS of opinions, and I’ve never shied away from sharing them.  So I’m here on this nice fall morning to share one quick… Continue reading Something Different

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Building Confidence in the Math Classroom

Hi, friends!  I’m back at ya again with some back to school math tips. One thing that I think is really important at the start of the school year is making math accessible to all students and showing them that math is more that just the basic operations.  I recently talked about how during the… Continue reading Building Confidence in the Math Classroom

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One last BtS Confession

Helloooooo, teacher friends!  If you haven’t already started today was your first day.  You did it!  Everyone is back in school!  If you’re just checking in,  this is the last in a 3 part series of “back to school confessions”.  First, I confessed that cutesy classroom set-up just isn’t my thing.  And then I confessed that I… Continue reading One last BtS Confession

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ANOTHER BtS Confession

Okay, friends, here it is–my second back to school confession:  I LOVE teaching math.  Love, love, love!  If I had to departmentalize I would choose math in a heartbeat.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like reading or writing; math just has a special spot in my heart.  Which is funny if you knew me as… Continue reading ANOTHER BtS Confession

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My BtS Confession

Okay, teachers.  Back to school is in full swing.  If you haven’t already started, your break is probably waning.  When you open social media, you’re bombarded with pictures of adorable, Pinterest worthy classroom pictures where everything is labeled, color coded, topped with a pom-pom, and sometimes (literally) tied up neatly with a bow.  But what… Continue reading My BtS Confession

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TpT Sitewide Sale

**in my best Oprah voice**  You get a discount, you get a discount, you get a discount, EVERYONE GETS A DISCOUNT!! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the TpT Back to School sale is ON!  Tons of sellers have their stores discounted 28% for today and tomorrow.   During the sale… Continue reading TpT Sitewide Sale