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Planning for SGI (Math)

Hi, friends! I got that naptime hustle going again today, but this is the morning naptime hustle.  Slightly more predictable than the afternoon naptime hustle.  (I’m sure now they’ll wake up in 5 minutes for saying that.)  I’m going to wrap up my SGI series today with a post about planning for math small groups.… Continue reading Planning for SGI (Math)

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You have small groups. Now what?

Hi, friends!  Happy Tuesday!  I’m sure that most of you are teaching right now, or maybe on your way to school still, but I’m sitting in the living room with our Christmas tree on and the twinnies are napping sweetly nearby.  I’m going to hit this hard and fast so we can be done before… Continue reading You have small groups. Now what?

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I have the best intentions.

Happy Sunday, friends! Really, I have great plans every week to NOT just blog on Sunday nights, but then it seems that things constantly pop up during the week and then suddenly it’s Sunday night again and I haven’t blogged since the last Sunday.  😦  Whomp, whomp, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Did you get lots of great stuff… Continue reading I have the best intentions.