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How to Be On Time to All the Meetings

Greetings, friends!  I hope you’re enjoying the last few days of summer–sun, unlimited coffee, pool trips.  *le sigh* Our summer has been so much cooler; we’ve only been to the pool a handful of times.  Last week, I shared one of the ways I manage the paper trail of teaching.  Today, I’m sharing another organizing… Continue reading How to Be On Time to All the Meetings

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How to Start the Year Organized and Calm

Hi, friends! To start, I just want you to know that I wanted to title this post “How to Start the Year Organized and Whelmed”, but I didn’t really think that everyone would appreciate my joke. As we start organized and setting up classrooms, attending back to school PD, and labeling everything under the sun,… Continue reading How to Start the Year Organized and Calm

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Setting (and Crushing) Summer Goals

Greetings, teacher friends! If you’re already on summer break, cheers!  I raise my wine schorle (white wine + sparkling water) to you.  If you’re still sweating (hopefully metaphorically) it out with your littles I raise my wine schorle to you!  (See what I did there?) I’m popping in today to talk about setting summer goals.… Continue reading Setting (and Crushing) Summer Goals

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One last BtS Confession

Helloooooo, teacher friends!  If you haven’t already started today was your first day.  You did it!  Everyone is back in school!  If you’re just checking in,  this is the last in a 3 part series of “back to school confessions”.  First, I confessed that cutesy classroom set-up just isn’t my thing.  And then I confessed that I… Continue reading One last BtS Confession

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Planning for SGI (Math)

Hi, friends! I got that naptime hustle going again today, but this is the morning naptime hustle.  Slightly more predictable than the afternoon naptime hustle.  (I’m sure now they’ll wake up in 5 minutes for saying that.)  I’m going to wrap up my SGI series today with a post about planning for math small groups.… Continue reading Planning for SGI (Math)

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Planning for SGI (Guided Reading)

Hi, friends I’ve got that nap time hustle going today.  Mentally, this is sort of a lengthy post, so cross your fingers that I can finish it before the little nuggets wake up.  And then maybe grab yourself a latte/coffee/Diet Coke/wine (no judgement, it is Friday after all) and settle in for a little bit… Continue reading Planning for SGI (Guided Reading)