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Building Confidence in the Math Classroom

Hi, friends!  I’m back at ya again with some back to school math tips. One thing that I think is really important at the start of the school year is making math accessible to all students and showing them that math is more that just the basic operations.  I recently talked about how during the… Continue reading Building Confidence in the Math Classroom

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ANOTHER BtS Confession

Okay, friends, here it is–my second back to school confession:  I LOVE teaching math.  Love, love, love!  If I had to departmentalize I would choose math in a heartbeat.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like reading or writing; math just has a special spot in my heart.  Which is funny if you knew me as… Continue reading ANOTHER BtS Confession

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Planning for SGI (Math)

Hi, friends! I got that naptime hustle going again today, but this is the morning naptime hustle.  Slightly more predictable than the afternoon naptime hustle.  (I’m sure now they’ll wake up in 5 minutes for saying that.)  I’m going to wrap up my SGI series today with a post about planning for math small groups.… Continue reading Planning for SGI (Math)

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Evaluating Inverted Workshop Math Products

Greetings, and happy Sunday, friends!  I don’t know about you, but I’m really starting to feel the back to school pressure.  Which is why I was so happy when the weatherman predicted a gross Sunday, because it’s much easier to convince the hubs that I need to spend a (summer) weekend working on school stuff… Continue reading Evaluating Inverted Workshop Math Products