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Shuffling Those Small Groups

Y’all.  Can I just first say that I get abnormally impressed with myself when I blog twice in one day?  Like it’s probably a little ridiculous. From my excellent IG and Twitter creeping, I can tell that many teachers are preparing for their first round of Parent/Teacher Conferences (PTCs), or just recently made it through.… Continue reading Shuffling Those Small Groups

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#TeacherWeek15: Sanity Savers

Hi, friends So, I skipped yesterday’s classroom tour link up because I don’t have a classroom this year, and I never took enough pictures of my classroom to do a tour of an old classroom.  But I am back in business for today’s Sanity Savers conversation. I think as teachers one thing that is INCREDIBLY… Continue reading #TeacherWeek15: Sanity Savers

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#TeacherWeek15 Make Ahead Meals

Hi, friends This is just a super quick post; the twinnies aren’t feeling terribly cooperative today.  I’m obviously linking up with Blog Hoppin’ for Teacher Week, and today is about make ahead meals. I love using my crockpot during back to school season, but this is a newer recipe that I am legitimately obsessed with.… Continue reading #TeacherWeek15 Make Ahead Meals

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Parent Odds and Ends–FREEBIE!!

Hi, friends! It seems like lots of people are getting ready to go back to school; DC doesn’t start until August 24th, but I know that if I was going back this year I’d be getting ready.  Instead, I’m trying to bring you helpful and relevant back to school content.  (Hopefully, it’s working.)  This is… Continue reading Parent Odds and Ends–FREEBIE!! · parent communication · parents · pictures · relationships · text messages

Positive Pictures

Hi, loves Twice blogging in under a week!  Can you believe it?!  (Don’t get used to it; I don’t think the boys will always be this cooperative.)  This has been a great weekend; I went to a concert on Friday with my mom, the boys, and some friends, and then we picked the hubs up… Continue reading Positive Pictures