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Parent Odds and Ends–FREEBIE!!

Hi, friends! It seems like lots of people are getting ready to go back to school; DC doesn’t start until August 24th, but I know that if I was going back this year I’d be getting ready.  Instead, I’m trying to bring you helpful and relevant back to school content.  (Hopefully, it’s working.)  This is… Continue reading Parent Odds and Ends–FREEBIE!!

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Fantastic Fridays

Hi, friends I hope everyone is having a great week!  My mom is visiting while the hubs is on a business trip, and the weather finally broke here in DC and today was beautiful!  We saddled up the pup and the boys and walked all over the Hill today.  The weather was way too lovely… Continue reading Fantastic Fridays

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Reeling in Parents, Part 1

Howdy, y’all It feels so weird to not be planning for back to school this year.  I’m not going back to school this fall; I’m going to spend at least half the school year home with our tiny nuggets.  But just because I’m not going back myself doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of ideas… Continue reading Reeling in Parents, Part 1

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Parent Communication Binder–Try it FREE for 24 hours!

Hi, y’all This is going to be short and sweet; I’ll elaborate more tomorrow, but for 24 hours (so until bedtime tomorrow) I’m going to have my parent communication packet up on Google Drive for free.  (After that it will be available in my TpT store for just a few bucks.)  If I understand the… Continue reading Parent Communication Binder–Try it FREE for 24 hours!

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Home Visits & Parent Volunteers

I canNOT believe that there is only one more week of summer break!  In DC, teachers go back on August 19th, and our new little loves come to us on August 26th.  Literally two weeks from Monday I will be greeting 27 brand new first graders.  Yikes!  I don’t know if it’s been how busy… Continue reading Home Visits & Parent Volunteers