About Mrs. Wilser

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to find quality PD?

Do you wish you could wear yoga pants and pet your pup while attending professional development?

You’re in the right place! Crack open your Diet Coke and read a while.

I’m Rachel. I taught elementary grades for 7 years, and then had twins. I honestly didn’t feel like I could dedicate the time I wanted to teaching and mama-ing, so I decided to teach teachers about my favorite parts of teaching: math, RTI, and classroom management.

I’m passionate about math instruction. Literacy gets a lot of air time, both in the school day and in conversation, but math instruction is equally important.

I can show you how to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills in your elementary students by reversing your math workshop.

I can help you manage work stations, small groups, and informative assessments.

Not sure how to set appropriate RTI goals for your struggling students? I’m your girl. I can help you set goals and set you up with trackers to centralize your data collection.

Click around.  Grab the freebie.  Pin some tips and ideas.  See what courses look like a fit.

Want something personalized? Tap that contact button and shoot me an email and let me know what you’re after.

I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you find what you’re looking for!




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