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How to Be On Time to All the Meetings

Greetings, friends!  I hope you’re enjoying the last few days of summer–sun, unlimited coffee, pool trips.  *le sigh* Our summer has been so much cooler; we’ve only been to the pool a handful of times.  Last week, I shared one of the ways I manage the paper trail of teaching.  Today, I’m sharing another organizing strategy–the week at a glance (WAG). Honestly, one of my old principals used to send us a school level bulletin every week called the WAG; it felt like the right name for my personal weekly overview, too.  You can obviously call yours anything you want.

There are many formats this could take–a printed Google Calendar weekly layout, a weekly grid with blocks for morning and afternoon, a weekly grid divided by subject.  Whatever works for you. I’m going to show you what worked for me to design my WAG. You can see the photo of what the WAG looked like below, and if you need an upclose version, or are curious you can take a look at the document itself here:  Weekly Worksheet_MWWT Edit.


Here’s what I loved about this format.

  • detailed enough that I could see all my meetings, deadlines, and commitments–personal and professional–but everything still fit on 1 page
  • quick and easy to fill out.  Once I did the initial work of creating and tweaking the layout, it only took 10-20 minutes to fill out each week. (And it was TOTALLY worth the time.)
  • I always had a few blank spots, so if something came up, or I needed to add a reminder to myself I had the space to do it.
  • the “next week” feature was great; if someone cornered me without my calendar I already knew times that I couldn’t meet.

Having a weekly overview right at my fingertips constantly helped me get a better sense of what was coming my way each day, and seeing meetings blocked out during the day//morning made it so much easier to be on time.  I wasn’t rushing to finish something after a reminder email went out 5 minutes before the meeting; I was already in the meeting, trying to use time wisely while everyone else arrived.  This is a great habit to start as the school year begins. Do you use a WAG, or similar worksheet to stay organized?  What format works for you?

May your coffee and sunshine be strong until next time!
xoxo, Rachel


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