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One last BtS Confession

Helloooooo, teacher friends!  If you haven’t already started today was your first day.  You did it!  Everyone is back in school!  If you’re just checking in,  this is the last in a 3 part series of “back to school confessions”.  First, I confessed that cutesy classroom set-up just isn’t my thing.  And then I confessed that I love to teach math.

Come close, friends.  Here is my last confession:  all those super cute themed work stations?  I don’t do them.  Good on those teachers who do, and if that’s your thing, high 5.  And I’ll be honest; I do have a few holiday themed activities that I use, especially around Halloween and Christmas, but there are a few reasons I don’t usually use holiday or seasonal activities.  First, my district revised their scope and sequence almost annually, so just because we covered something in December one year doesn’t mean we’ll cover it in December the next year. So while the time of year may change the content itself obviously isn’t, and to me it just seems silly to reinvent the wheel every year.  Secondly, using non-themed activities allows you to re-use a work station within the same academic year.  For example, if I notice that after we’ve left a particular skill for a few weeks or months that some friends are getting rusty I can easily bring back the work station we did targeting that skill.  No muss, no fuss.

Here’s the bottom line to all of these confessions.  I want teachers, especially to new teachers, to know that one really important part of teaching is knowing your strengths.  Because really, despite all the messages to the contrary, you CAN’T do it all, and that’s OKAY.  Play up your strengths, and make friends with other teachers who have strengths in other areas; you can make one gigantic super powerful unstoppable teacher team!

Okay, teamies, have a great week molding the minds of America!
xoxo, Rachel


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