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Supporting All Students, Part 3

Hi, friends!  Happy Monday!  Here on the East Coast we have like our 8,000th rainy day in a row.  I have used our stroller rain cover so often in the past week I haven’t even bothered to take it off our stroller.  I just roll it up if it’s not raining, because it probably will be in 5 seconds.  From my excessive creeping on my weather app it seems like this week will be cool and rainy and FINALLY this weekend it will turn to spring.  (crosses fingers)

I figure that most teachers have been 2 and 6 weeks left of school.  I’ve been sharing some of my favorite ways to support all students recently, and I’m here to share one of my favorite behavior incentives today.  It’s especially helpful for the end of the year.  (drum roll, please) LUNCH BUNCH!!

Lunch bunch has always been a HUGE hit with my nuggets.  I swear they would try to untie the Gordian knot for lunch bunch.  The most common way I use lunch bunch is as an incentive for my struggling-est nuggets.  Generally, I have 1-3 kids on an individual behavior plan; something either in addition to or instead of our whole class behavior management system.  Depending on the plan, they can earn small rewards throughout the day and week.  If they earn a certain amount of their small rewards (or if something REALLY exceptional happens), they can also have lunch bunch on the day that I don’t have lunch duty.  Normally, I go down to the cafeteria and get my lunch bunch kids and make sure they go through the line first and then we head back upstairs to class to eat together.  If they finish before lunch is over I’ll also let them play with some Legos or color or whatever they choose to do.

Now, I know that as teachers we barely get time to eat lunch and that sometimes you just want to sit by yourself for 15 minutes, but I will tell you that my kids would do almost anything for lunch bunch.  It is routinely one of the most popular incentives; it costs zero dollars, and the payoff is ENORMOUS.  You can leverage so much with lunch bunch.  I cannot say enough about how high the payoff of lunch bunch is.  I would really encourage you to try it, especially as the year winds down and you need some extra teacher tricks.  =)

Have a great Monday, y’all!  xoxo, Rachel


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