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Spring Fever

Hi, friends!

Spring fever.  I assume everyone has it about now, whether or not you’ve had spring break already.  The weather is just so nice, and it can be downright tricky to focus sometimes when the weather is this beautiful.  I’m going to share one quick way I battle spring fever.  Actually, this is a strategy I use year round, but with the weather lately I feel like it’s particularly relevant.

I call this game Minute to Win It, and it’s basically a 60 second brain break.  It gets lots of movement in while not taking a ton of time, and it’s largely quiet.  In order to make it not take lots of time I teach my nuggets from the beginning of the year that it’s a break for our brain and our body, but not for our voice (which essentially means that there’s no real talking during this brain break, and I also teach the expectation that if you are talking/disrupting you’ll be asked to sit out all or part of this brain break).  So here’s how it works:  10 seconds go on a (cell phone) timer.  It’s helpful if the timer is loud enough to be heard in a quiet classroom, but not essential.  You do 6 different activities for 10 seconds each, which totals to a minute.  You could really choose any 6 activities, but here are my go-to’s:  jumping jacks, skipping, high knees (sometimes this is hopping from one foot to another if they are super squirmy), hula hooping (imaginary, obviously), shooting & dribbling, and touchdown dance (imagine some John Travolta style Staying Alive moves).  The first few times you teach this brain break it will obviously take longer than 60 seconds, but once you have the routine down it’s very smooth.  I love Minute to Win It because you get a lot of bang for your buck in this brain break.  Hopefully you’ll be able to use it and love it as much as we do!

Happy Friday!  xoxo, Rachel


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