Currently, it’s so windy you might blow away.

Good morning, friends!  Man, March is not joking around.  Yesterday, was a beautiful day, but today it’s so windy that you might just blow away!  Like I’m a little nervous about walking the pup and the babies later.  It’s so hard to push their stroller when the wind is in it.  But that’s definitely just a #firstworldproblem.  Without any more discussion, here’s my Currently for this month.

March Currently

GUYS.  Our babies are on a CRIB STRIKE!  Has this ever happened to you?!  Did I accidentally make this happen somehow?!  I’m not joking; our babes will sleep ANYWHERE except their crib.  Like the moment I put them in their crib their eyes shoot open and they cry.  Currently, Baby B has been crying in his crib for 15 minutes.  When I laid him down, he could barely keep his eyes open.  What the what?!  Lordy.  I just need these babies to sleep all night in their crib.  Or take a nap in their crib.  Or just sleep somewhere that’s not in their crib, so I can catch up on my life.  Ay, ay, ay.

In other news, I also need a new planner because mine twice had some unfortunate run-ins with water glasses on the coffee table and I’m way too OCD to deal with crunchy calendar pages until July.  Do you have a planner that you love?  I’ve read some pretty good things about the Passion Planner and the Happy Planner.  Or do you have another type that you really love?  I’m in the market.

Okay, friends.  I probably need to liberate the sad little and then feed him breakfast.  Have a great day!  xoxo, Rachel


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