December Currently

Hi, friends!

Don’t tell the hubs I’m blogging now; I’m supposed to be getting ready to take the babies Christmas shopping.  But I figured while T still naps there’s no reason I can’t knock a quick blog post.  Right?!  Okay, so without any more small talk, here’s my December Currently.

December Currently_Final

M is out with hubs walking the dog, so it’s just me, my Michael Buble holiday Pandora station, and T, who’s asleep.  I know the babies will never remember this year, but it’s important to me to start holiday traditions with them, like the wreath laying at Arlington, and Zoo Lights.  We actually took them to the lighting of the National Christmas tree the other night and that was really cool.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never done the whole Black Friday thing in person, but Mr. Spouse and I like to clean up on Amazon on Black Friday.  This year, we basically shopped for his entire family and have them handled, so I feel really complacent, even though I have no gifts for the hubs, or my own family.  I need to really get my rear in gear.

I really, really hope it snows this year for the babies’ first Christmas.  I would never make it in the deep South, like Texas, Southern California, or Florida where it never snows.  I’m definitely a 4 seasons a year type of girl, and I need snow in my life.  It’s so magical when you wake up on Christmas morning and there’s snow falling outside.  I hope it snows this year on Christmas.

Our tree is real–always has been.  Growing up, we always went to cut down a tree.  It didn’t really make sense for Mr. Spouse and I to do that while we were dating/engaged/having a tiny car because we didn’t really have a way to get it back to DC after we cut it, but this year now that we have the twin mobile and two babies that need Christmas traditions we went out to a tree farm in VA and cut down our own tree.  It was great.  Cutting down the tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  And next weekend we get to do my most favorite one–the wreath laying at Arlington Cemetery.  I know I’ve blogged about it before, but I love it so much.  Basically, wreaths are donated by various individuals, groups, and companies and driven in to the cemetery (I’m pretty sure by truckers who donate their time and mileage) and volunteers lay a wreath on every headstone in the cemetery.  You can read more about it here, if you’re interested.  And if you live anywhere in the DC area, I really can’t encourage you enough to bundle up and head out to Arlington next Saturday morning.  Man, when they play Taps during the opening.  Phew.  Gets me every time.

Okay, loves.  Hope your holiday season is going well!  Don’t let December get you down!  Have a great weekend!  xoxo, Rachel


3 thoughts on “December Currently

  1. Let’s try this comment again (I might have locked myself out of my WordPress account for the morning … :P)

    Greetings from South Texas. Where I don’t miss snow at all. Or at least much. If we could get it for like 3 days when I knew I wouldn’t have to go anywhere I’d agree with you. All the time I did during college in the Rocky Mountains, thank you very much. Cold, wet, runny nosed all the time. Not my thing. Of course multiple 100+ degree days in August aren’t really, either. Somewhere in the middle, please. Arlington sounds lovely. Enjoy the season! And if you figure out the secret of prioritizing I’d love to hear. I’m not good at it and know way too often I’m spending time on the dumb stuff.

    Off to cyber shop!


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