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Planning for SGI (Guided Reading)

Hi, friends

I’ve got that nap time hustle going today.  Mentally, this is sort of a lengthy post, so cross your fingers that I can finish it before the little nuggets wake up.  And then maybe grab yourself a latte/coffee/Diet Coke/wine (no judgement, it is Friday after all) and settle in for a little bit of light reading.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been blogging lately about how I make small groups.  Now, we’re up to the shangri-la–how I plan for small groups.  (Probably the shangri-la is really something else, but for the purposes of this blog entry we can pretend that it’s planning for SGI.)  Okay, so as you can guess from the title I’m only talking about how I plan for guided reading in this post because I don’t plan for math and guided reading the same way, but I LOVE teaching math, so expect more details on planning for math and math work stations in the future.  I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.  =)

For guided reading, my general process is this:  select teaching point(s) for each group for the week.  (Depending on difficulty of tp, we might only work on 1 topic for the week.)  Find text to match teaching point.  Then, I plan my book intro, as well as discussion that happens during reading and after reading.  Controversial Confession:  unless my teaching point for guided reading directly links to word work (multiple sounds of -ed, vowel teams, etc.) I DO NOT include word work as part of guided reading.  I personally feel like my students really needed the emphasis on strong reading during guided reading, so most of the time we’re not spending a lot of time on word work.  I divide my planning into before reading, during reading, and after reading.  I also include room of observations in my planning sheet, and I also always print a running record for each book.  I’ve included a sample of my finished guided reading plans below.  I know it says really giant EDITED FOR BLOG, but mainly I just figured you didn’t need an entire class’s worth of plans for the week.  Other than being edited for brevity, this is pretty true to how I would plan for the week.  GR_Individual Group Plans_2.3.2014_EDITED FOR BLOG

Also, I usually planned for guided reading during planning times at school.  That was a high priority for me.  One thing I did that made that easier was planning my guided reading WAG (week at a glance) a week ahead of time.  A GR WAG would look something like this.  (see document below).  Also, before you jump on me for seeing my lowest groups once a week I just want the record to show that they were also pulled by our grade level special ed teacher twice a week during GR, which is why I only saw them once.  GR_WAG_2.3.2014_EDITED FOR BLOG

I hope this was helpful to you.  I know that personally I’m always so interested in how other teachers plan for whole group and small group instruction.  I’m obviously open to questions or comments about planning for small groups.

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend; y’all definitely earned it!

xoxo, Rachel



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