Cobwebs and November Currently

Friends.  That October was really intense.  During October, we went to two weddings, took the babies on their first plane trip, had my parents in town, went home, went to a street festival, took the babies trick or treating, and hosted two parties in one weekend while hosting my best friend on our couch.  But, on the upside, we all made it through and we’re on our way to enjoying a much more mellow November.  And now I have to get this Currently up quickly because I think these babies on the tail end of their naps.

Okay, are y’all watching The Voice, too?!  I really like it.  I sometimes pretend that I don’t, but I finally just gave in and started DVRing it.  Now, I’m listening to it while also listening to the lovely sounds of construction as they renovate the apartment next to us.  #apartmentliving  So over it.  And baby #2 is up.  
I canNOT believe that it is already November.  I mean, I really love fall.  It’s such a gorgeous time of year, and I love when it gets cooler outside, but where is the time going?  I mean, the babies are 7 months old.  What the what?!  They’re teething and look like they’re about to crawl any second.  Is this what it’s like?  So fast all the time? 
I love Thanksgiving dinner.  Pie.  Mashed potatoes.  Green bean casserole.  Corn casserole.  I love a good casserole.  I assume it’s because I grew up in the Midwest.  I mean, what are the downsides to a casserole?  Everything you already wanted combined into one handy dish.  So great.  
Okay, and last but not least, here’s my gratuitous picture of the babies in their Halloween costumes.
Have a great week!


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