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Greetings, my friends

I hope everyone is surviving the back to school season.  Some people have already been in school for 2 or 3 weeks now, and some districts (especially near me) are just starting back today, and then, of course, there are those schools that don’t go back until after Labor Day.  As a student and a teacher, I was always envious of those schools that don’t go back until after Labor Day.  That really seems like the way to do it to me.  But I’m not in charge (which is really a shame), so I’ll just keep plugging away with the school calendar we’re given.

I’m so excited today to link up with Blog Hoppin.  Teacher Week is one of my favorite weeks of the school year, and I’m hoping to link up most days.  Cross your fingers on that one.  Without any more yammering, I’m going to jump right in and share my Five Fun Facts.


1.  I’m not teaching this year.  😦
This was an incredibly hard choice, but when this happened earlier this spring the hubs and I had some serious conversations about the best use of our time as well as money.

Out here, childcare is ridiculously expensive and we’d have to pay twice.  The amount of money I would take home after daycare just didn’t seem worth the cost of missing out of some much time with these boys.  So this year I’m kicking at home on the daily with these young gentleman.  I miss classroom teaching, but I also feel really thankful that we have the resources to make staying home a viable choice.

2.  I have a muppet face problem.
Some people do duck lips.  Some people just do a regular smile.  I have an uncontrollable Muppet face.  It started as a joke in college, but I don’t even remember what the joke is.  But it’s a real problem that still occurs in my life on the regular.  Even at weddings and on honeymoons.

3.  I had teaching cold feet.
When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a teacher, but when I was in college I didn’t major in education.  I got cold feet from Negative Nancies, and it didn’t help that the education department was a bit of a disorganized mess when I was in school.  But after 1 year of office work, I realized I couldn’t hack it long term as a worker bee.  Ultimately, I went back to school and got a master’s in education and haven’t looked back since.  
4.  I live here.  
I’ve lived out here for 6 years.  It was a really impulsive move, and when I did it I never imagined that I would go to grad school, have my first real job, meet my husband, and have babies all in the main nerve.  And while there are some down sides to living in the nation’s capital, it is also pretty cool to be able to walk the babies and the pup past the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Capitol daily.  

5.  But, I grew up here.
While lots of my most recent life events have transpired in other places, my heart still belongs in Cincinnati.  It’s hard for me to imagine loving a place the same way I love Cincinnati.  I still have lots of family and friends in Cincinnati, and love going back there for visits.  If I were in charge of my own self I would move back to Cincinnati in a minute.

I can’t wait to read your Five Fun Facts!  Don’t forget to link up with Blog Hoppin’ yourself and share 5 facts.  And if you feel so inclined (maybe you also have uncontrollable muppet face?  or you have twins, too?!), leave a comment below.  I love hearing from y’all!

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Five Fun Facts

  1. So it's called Muppet face, eh? Good to know there's a name for a problem which I also have! Muppet face is a fun name. I can live with that. Hahaha!
    By the way, your blog is gorgeous! 🙂


  2. I can't even remember how or why we started calling it muppet face, but muppet face it is. Christi Fultz did my blog design; she's really great to work with if you ever decide to do a redesign. =)


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