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Positive Pictures

Hi, loves

Twice blogging in under a week!  Can you believe it?!  (Don’t get used to it; I don’t think the boys will always be this cooperative.)  This has been a great weekend; I went to a concert on Friday with my mom, the boys, and some friends, and then we picked the hubs up from the airport.  Saturday we took a family trip to some breweries down in VA, and this morning I had to take my mama to Dulles to fly home.  Whomp, whomp.  I told my mom the last time she was here that if I could afford her salary I would hire her full time to help me out.  #ishouldputmoreproductsontpt

Enough small talk.  My #backtoschool idea for you today is called Positive Pictures.  Part of my parent forms that I collect on the first day of school is asking them if they are able to (and would like to) receive pictures messages from me.  I track all the parents who say yes and send them Positive Pictures.  I try to really hit Positive Pictures hard early in the school year, especially the first month, but it’s an incredibly useful strategy all year long.

The way Positive Pictures work is this:  basically, you see their child doing something positive and you snap a picture and send it to them with a quick caption.  “Look how neatly A wrote their name!”  “Wow, D is sharing so nicely with friends today!”  “T got an A on our math test!”  These captions always go with a picture showing the aforementioned activity, so if I write about neat handwriting I’ll snap a picture of the work with the neat handwriting.  If they’re sharing I’ll snap a picture of them working with a classmate.  Positive Pictures has always been really well received by parents, and they’re a great way to bank up positive communication so that if you do have to have a difficult conversation with parents they’re generally more receptive.

I hope you all can use Positive Pictures in your classroom this year to set up for a great year with your parents!


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