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Five for Friday–I’m back at it!

Hey, y’all!  Two blog posts in just under 12 hours!  I’m practically patting myself on the back over here.  The things that I can accomplish when the hubs has the day off and the twins are down for their morning nap.  So, here are my five random things from this previous week.

Are y’all following any teachers in Vegas?  I’ve never been to the conference in Vegas; it hasn’t worked out for a variety of reasons.  This year, it’s obviously the twinnies.  I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to make it, but I’m having major Vegas FOMO.  I mean, I get FOMO pretty bad anyway, but now that my IG feed is blowing up with pictures and people are using Periscope all the time it’s some pretty aggressive FOMO.  Which brings me to number 2.
Are y’all doing this Periscope thing?!  It’s so cool!  I haven’t done any broadcasts myself yet; I kind of feel like I’m not sure what to say, but I’m really into checking out the broadcasts that others are doing.  Shroeder’s Shenanignas in Second and Lucky Little Learners are doing AWESOME broadcasts.  If you aren’t on Periscope you can learn about it here, but basically you download the app to your phone and then you can use it to broadcast yourself.  The broadcast is stored for 24 hours and then deleted.  It’s owned by Twitter, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to have the twitters to use Periscope.  Like I said, I haven’t ‘scoped myself yet, but I’m so into the broadcasts I’ve seen.  I think my personal goal is to do a broadcast before next Friday.  I can update y’all next week in the Five for Friday.  =)  
                                                       Image result for periscope
This is totally gratuitous, but here’s a picture of how I’ve been spending my days lately.  With these two gentlemen.  
Next up in the TpT store is more Fundations units.  It’s all very slow going, because as lovely as these gentlemen are, they don’t really care so much about Mama’s plans.  They just want to eat, sleep, and play.  Mostly eat and sleep.  
Next up on the blog, I’m thinking a series on organizing.  Parent form and communication, lesson/unit plans, calendars and to-do lists.  Is this something potentially helpful, or redundant?  Is there something else you’d like to see here?  I aim to please.  =)  
Okay, team.  That’s it for me.  Nap time is almost over, and I can hear the gents starting to wake, so that’s my cue.  Have a great weekend!


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