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Sale Time, Y’all!

Hello, friends!

Unless you don’t follow any other blogs, I’m sure you already know that there’s a HUGE Teachers Pay Teachers sale going on right now.  In most stores you can get almost 30% off.  (To be honest, the math confuses me a little.  Tpt gives 10% off with the code, and most teachers put their store at 20% off, but for some reason it only shakes out to 28% off.)  But still.  A discount is a discount, yes?

So if you’re in the shopping mood, and heading back to school shortly allow me to make a few suggestions.

I use these data folders weekly, usually starting after the first six weeks of school.  I send them home on the same day each week (one year I did Tuesdays, and one year I did Wednesdays).  Students create a graph to show their scores on a quick weekly check-in.  I used assessments that monitor fact fluency, because that was a first grade power standard in my school, and a quick Fundations check-in for whatever unit we were currently studying.  I also had students write a note to their families about their work that week, and I had parents sign a sheet saying that they had looked over the folder with their students.  They also had to make a comment, which ultimately showed whether or not they had actually looked over the folder.  
I also have several bundles of math tasks in my store.  Math tasks are basically really open-ended word problems, but they usually have multiple correct solutions.  I’ve blogged about math tasks in the classroom herehere, and here.  But even if you’re running a more traditional math block these tasks still definitely can be used to push your kids’ thinking.  I have some tasks that focus on place value, as well as addition and subtraction.
This is the last product I’ll highlight today.  This is a quick, informal check-in that I created for students struggling with rote-counting and number sequence.  I used it with first graders who were below grade level, and I definitely think it would also be helpful for kinderbabes as well.  It assess rote counting, number id (to 30), and 1-to-1 correspondence.  I would give my strugglers this assessment every time we finished a targeted unit to see if they were picking up the skills I was hoping for/making progress towards those fundamental skills they needed to shore up.  It was also helpful data when I took them to student support team meetings.  With the sale it’s under $1.00.  It’s a win-win.  =)  
One last reminder–during the TpT sale you can also use your credits that you get for reviewing products.  So if you’ve recently purchased items make sure you go back and give feedback to those sellers today so that you can use some credits towards your purchases during the sale.  
Have fun filling your cart!

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