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Kicking Off the Cobwebs

In real life, I’ve already started this flippin’ flappin’ blog post about 100 times, but for a wide variety of reasons it hasn’t been finished.  Until today.  This blog post is my Everest!  😉

First, I’m so excited because I’m really close to putting up a new product in my incredibly neglected TpT store.  I just need to go over it again to make sure that all the formatting is right and there aren’t any mistakes, but it’s hard to look at it so many times in a row.

Secondly, I was at Target last week to pick up a new planner and I found the CUTEST stickers in the Dollar Spot.  I only got one of each because sometimes the hubs doesn’t understand how school literally hemorrhages money from our bank account every summer, but they’re so cute I would have bought like 5 of each if I wasn’t in a hurry and trying to track the budget.  But seriously.  Check your dollar spot for these.

This pack of stickers says things like “I heart math”, “Science rules!”, “You+Math=Fun” and other super cute stuff like this.  Totally motivational for kinderbabes, or at least I think that if I was 5 or 6 I’d be really motivated by these ones.

These ones are nice because they share information with parents, like “completed with teacher’s help”, “please correct and return”, or “completed together in class”.

And this I just found in the back to school aisle, but it was so funny that I had to take a picture.  I laughed all by myself in the back to school aisle at Target.

I thought this notebook was so hilarious!  It doesn’t help that another friend of mine says yolo all the time.  Like “should I call this guy back?”  YOLO!  “Should I eat nachos and wings?”  YOLO!  Oh, man.  I’m laughing even here right now writing this blog post.  This picture just gets me every time.

I promise next time I blog it will be more content, less fluff.  =)  I’m reading Smarter Charts right now and if you haven’t read that then I would definitely recommend it before school starts.  It’s a really quick read.

Okay, y’all.  Try to enjoy the rest of July.  I know that most of you are probably in various degrees of back to school prep mode.  I’m heading to a new school though, so really, I have no idea what back to school will be like.  It’s driving me a little crazy, but I’m trying to be as zen as possible about the entire situation.  Have a great weekend, friends!


One thought on “Kicking Off the Cobwebs

  1. Love those stickers! I'm going to have to check those out. I saw you're a D.C. blogger! I teach in DC as well. Hope the blog world has been fun. I'm such a slacker but my goal is to be better about it. 🙂 Hope you're having a great summer!


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