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Currently, it’s July.

Y’all.  I am giving myself one big giant pat on the back right now because even though I still haven’t gone to the gym or the grocery, I AM linking up with Farley for her July Currently on the actual first of the month!  Whoop, whoop!  We have to celebrate the small victories, right?!

I really can’t believe that it’s already July.  To be fair, I think that part of the problem is that we were in school until June 23rd, so even it’s though it’s already July my summer break just started.  I also think that’s why I’m having these motivation problems today and decided to blog instead of going to the gym or grocery.  So without anymore rambling, here’s my July Currently.

Guys, I have to make a real and honest confession:  when I was writing my Currently I was listening to the Today show, but now it’s over.  Now I’m listening to/watching old re-runs of Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I’m so embarrassed to admit it, but not so embarrassed that I’m turning it off.

Y’all.  Are you into the World Cup, too?!  I’m SO JAZZED!  The hubs went into work early this morning, so that he could work a full day and still leave in time to watch the game.  We’re heading downtown to watch the game at a bar with a bunch of friends who are also planning to leave work a little early.  I actually was hearing somewhere recently that DC has the highest World Cup viewership, which seems surprising when I think of larger cities, but when I look around at how many people are out during the day and how I know our friends who aren’t out are watching at work I think “eh, maybe that’s right”.

I’ve had such a hard time getting motivated to work out this week.  I just keep crossing other things off my to-do list and then I realize I’m out of time and I didn’t work out.  I guess it’s good that I’m getting other things done, but it’s sucky that I’m not working out.

I realize in the scheme of life that puppy adoption is not the most important thing, but the hubs and I went to an adoption event at a pet store and these puppies were SO CUTE.  I honestly wanted to just pick one up and take it out with me, but I’m pretty confident that’s not how the actual adoption process works.  So we filled out an application and now we’re just waiting for them to call us back.  Which I’m sure is taking a little longer because literally EVERYONE leaves DC for the 4th of July.  But if this is how anxious I get about adopting a puppy I don’t think I would ever make it adopting an actual baby.

I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July; it’s such a fun holiday and DC really makes it a big deal.  One thing that’s super cool about DC is the Capitol fireworks, but what’s even cooler is that if you can get yourself to a roof deck of some type you can see the Capitol fireworks and then afterwards you can see all sorts of other displays in Maryland and VA at country clubs and stuff like.  It’s like almost an hour of panoramic fireworks.  Last year, we watched on our own roof and then went to the pool afterwards.  It was really amazing, but we’ve moved since then and we don’t have access to a roof deck anymore, so I think we’re heading over to some friends’ house, with our nephew in tow.  We’re hosting our nephew for 4th of July; we told him for Christmas we would fly him out to DC for some time over the summer and we thought he might like 4th of July.  I don’t even know how many groceries to buy for a growing teenager, so that’s going to be interesting.

I hope you all have a great 4th!!


One thought on “Currently, it’s July.

  1. Wow- sounds like a very patriotic fourth!! I can't imagine being at the Capitol for the fireworks! We usually see them from the Texas Rangers ballpark. LOVE the idea that you are adopting a puppy. Hope it works out well for you. We started that process, it was too tedious and ended up buying one!! Haha! Love your Currently! Julie


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