June Currently

Hold. The.  Phone.  It’s June?!  What the heck happened to May?!  I really feel like I just celebrated my birthday.  But really that was almost 6 weeks ago.  So dang crazy.

Here in DC we still have THREE FULL WEEKS of school.  It’s true.  My summer break doesn’t start until June 24th, and then because I’m going to a new school and have new teacher orientation I go back August 6th.  We’re also hosting one of our nephews for a week over the summer, and we have some family travel to do.  I know that every summer feels crazy, but I really think this one is going to zoom by.  Well, without any further ado, here is my June Currently.

I think all these things are pretty straightforward, so I’m going to leave you all here and take myself outside in the sunshine.  =)  Have a great Sunday, friends!



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