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A prize for teachers!

Okay, y’all.  I can’t even really properly express how proud I am for actually doing some weeknight blogging.

I really think that I’m close to having some more closure on my life for next year, which is making me feel a little more zen.  Tonight I just wanted to share a super exciting treat that I’m sure other (nerdy) teachers will feel just as excited about.  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with this amazing and super great math program called Splash Math.  It’s available for K-5 and it’s basically a self-paced math site that lets kids practice all their grade level standard.  I LOVE it because it auto-differentiates, and it collects data on each kid.  And, here’s the best part!  Normally, because of how totally fab is, Splash Math charges you either per kid, or a particular amount for an entire class, but until the end of the year Splash Math! is giving you an entire class of kids, activities, and data tracking FOR FREE!  That’s right, teacher friends–FREE!  You can sign up your entire class for the rest of the year using the link above.  It will guide you through the entire process of registering.

I hope you all enjoy the last few days, or weeks, of school with Splash Math.  =)


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