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I canNOT believe that it’s already May!  The Derby is already past and tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.  How can that be?!  And while everyone else in the entire world is counting down until they are out of school I’ll be in school all the way until JUNE 21ST!  Yikes.  Serenity now.

Anyway, I figure it’s okay to be tardy to the party this month, considering how crazy my April was.  I mean, really, that month literally just zoomed by.  And every dang month I swear I’m going to blog more and then it’s the next dang month’s currently.  I really don’t understand how this keeps happening to me!  =)  I’m going to try and blog once a week this month.  Without any further ado, here is my May currently.

Honestly, I think most everything in my Currently this month is pretty self-explanatory.  I would just like to encourage everyone to check out Fabulous in First.  It’s the first blog I ever read, and I still love to check it out.  I also love her TpT store; she has so many incredibly helpful products.  
Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all!  


3 thoughts on “May Currently…WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

  1. My hubby grilled all weekend too-yummy steaks and flatbread pizzas!

    So sorry that you are in school until June 21! We have school until June 10 (not quite as bad but I'm feeling your pain somewhat!) Hope the next month flies by so we can relax and enjoy the summer!

    One Happy Teacher


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