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Super Focused

Okay, y’all.  The entire month of April has been super crazy–my parents came out to visit, it was spring break, we went to NYC, the twinnies moved to North Carolina, it was Easter, I turned 30 (ack!), and my siblings-in-law came out for my birthday.  Then, it was May.  Seriously.  So pardon the dust that is gathering on the blog.  We’re going to kick it off today.

First, I’m here to tell you about an AMAZING giveaway going on at the Primary Chalkboard.  (By the way, if you don’t follow them you should.  It’s an amazing collaborative blog.)  They’re giving away $35 to TpT right before the next sitewide sale.  Great timing, right?!  You can enter the most amazing contest on the face of the planet right here:  you get a giftcard, you get a giftcard, EVERYONE GETS A GIFTCARD!  Sorry–I couldn’t resist doing my best Oprah impression.  But seriously.  Go enter the contest.  I’ll be back later today after Jillian Michaels kicks my hinney and I go to Eastern Market to share real classroom things.  =)



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