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I did it!

Hello, friends!

We still have one more day of school before spring break, but I wanted to share a quick update.  As I mentioned in this moment of brutal honesty I’ve really been dropping the ball on math instruction for a few months and I vowed to do better.  (A coworker of mine is really fond of saying when you know better you do better.  And I definitely do so I am.)  So for the past month, basically, I’ve been assessing my kids 3 times a week and really trying to use that data to meaningfully group and reteach my kids.  One part that I’ve REALLY liked about this personal push is that I’ve been really pushing my highest math group much more often, and I’m really seeing growth out of them.  For example, right now we’re in a unit on data, time, and measurement and I’ve been able to not only push my high group to create their own questions, data, and graph, but I was even able to teach them in a small group how to use a scale other than 1 on their graphs.  It’s been so nice to be able to challenge my highest group, as opposed to constantly pushing up the lowest groups.  I’m sharing my skip counting by 5s on a graph activity with you, should you be interested as well–for before or after spring break.  =)  I’ve honestly never done this before, but if I understand technology correctly, you should be able to click this link and download the activity.

Enjoy your spring, friends!


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