I am so late to the game.

Y’all.  I’m so late to the game and I’ve been so distracted by testing and report cards that I didn’t even realize there was an April Currently up until this morning.  *So embarrassing!*  This is beyond fashionably late, but this past week was CAS for us and even though first grade doesn’t take the test we still feel the effects–no specials, recess duty every day, and no Sp. Ed. support for the entire week.  Just me and my 26 love nuggets for 5 straight days.  Buuuuut we made it out the other side (Phew!  And also?  Just barely!) so now I can share my Currently.

I’ve set some very ambitious goals for myself today–do all the laundry, do the taxes, go to the grocery, AND get the lessons planned, so I’ll be leaving you here, but you’ll see me at least one more time before spring break.  It’s a promise.  
Enjoy the springtime weather, friends!


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