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Five for Friday…on a Saturday…Again

Y’all, I really have the best intentions.  I always want to link up on Friday.  And then something always comes up, like delicious burgers and the Olympics Opening Ceremony.  Without any more babbling, here’s my Five for Friday.  =)

At the very top of my bloggy to-do list for much longer than I care to admit has been figuring out how to offer fan freebies on Facebook.  The other night I was finished with school work earlier than expected and wasn’t falling asleep on my keyboard already so I thought that would be a great night to figure it out.  Even though I almost ripped my hair out trying to get it to work and may or may not have said some very unladylike things, I finally did.  Victory is mine!  I was feeling so darn excited, and no one else was around to appreciate said excitement.  So now I’m forcing you to share it with me. 

Every day after lunch, we come back to class for 15 minutes of Quiet Time.  I always tell them that it’s time for them to “recharge their brain batteries”, but it also gives me 15 minutes to make a chart, give a sight word assessment, talk to another teacher, or whatever.  It’s a win-win.  
Earlier this week, one of my little nuggets wrote me a letter during Quiet Time, and even put it an envelope that she folded and glued out of another piece of paper.  It included this picture, which I find funny for a few reasons.
a) I’m actually the smallest person in this picture.  b) I honestly think I’ve only been on the playground a few times with my nuggets this year, because I have lunch duty, not recess duty.  And c) there’s no slide at our school playground.  Ah, youth.  
I blogged about this earlier this week, so I won’t really talk about it much here, but I made this graph to share my students’ Lexia levels and hold them more accountable.  You can read more about it here.  I’m going to add it to my fan freebie page, so you too can hold your students accountable for their work in Lexia.  
I was noticing that a lot of my students were writing about math by writing about things that weren’t math (I drew a book.  I drew a tree.  Then, I colored it in.) so on Thursday we made this Math Actions chart to have an idea about all the match actions we might do while problem solving.  I said that they should have one math action every time they write about math.  (I actually hate saying stuff like that, but I also generally find it helpful for the low middle-middle kids.)  Sorry this picture is a little blurry.  I couldn’t figure out why that was until I realized (after I left school of course) that it was because the lights were off in my classroom at the time.
Last but not least, we had our annual Superbowl party this past Sunday.  It was really fun, even though the game wasn’t.  Mr. Spouse’s birthday is in mid-January, and I had planned to make cupcakes to celebrate, but didn’t have time before we went out of town and then I didn’t want to make them when it was just the 2 of us because I would eat approximately 58% of the cupcakes.  And that’s not necessary.  So I made them for the Superbowl party instead, when we were guaranteed to have some friends around.  And then, as I was thinking about how best to serve them, I remembered that I had this.  That we got as a wedding present.  You know, 16 months ago.  
Better late than never, right?  I felt like I was classing up the Superbowl.  =)
Alright, friends.  Thanks for dropping by and listening to me ramble.  Have a great weekend!


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