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Five for…Sunday?!


This weekend REALLY got away from me.  And even though I’m yawning like crazy I refuse to accept defeat and go to bed without linking up with Doodlebug’s for Five for Friday.


This week really whipped my butt, which is extremely ridiculous because we only had 1.5 days of school.  So without any further babbling here are my Sunday five.  
Even though we were off on Monday for the holiday, and we didn’t have school Tuesday or Wednesday, we definitely had an Arts for Every Student field trip to see a play of Miss Nelson is Missing.  I’d be lying to your face if I told you I was excited for this trip before we went.  Honestly, I thought the play would be campy and just kind of an unenjoyable field trip, but it was fantastic!  The play was so adorable, and really funny.  The kids loved it; they remembered having read the book earlier this year, and they were so into how they knew that Miss Swamp is Miss Nelson.  This picture is the worst (ugh; stupid cell phone pics), but it was adorable how excited all the kids were.  
It really worked out that we had two days off of school because that’s how long it took me to get home from a family funeral on Monday.  I literally felt like I stuck in some bizarre, real life version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  Here is a sampling of the melange of tickets, boarding passes, and receipts from those 48 hours.  It was certainly not the ideal travel experience.  
Is anyone else watching the Grammys?  Sara Bareilles and Carole King totally just killed it.  I’m so into funky duets, and I really loved Brave.  To be fair, though, I generally just really like that song, so it’s possible that I’m biased.  =)  What was your favorite Grammy performance?

 Last week we had an early dismissal on Friday for records keeping, but I wasn’t really read to do grades yet, so I used that time to plan for this week.  It was so nice–I planned almost my entire week in those few hours, and I really was able to enjoy this weekend.  In fact, I got so much done on Friday that the hubs and I spontaneously stopped by to play with the twinnies on Saturday afternoon.  It was great.  I wish we could have an early dismissal like that every Friday!

I’m hoping to try and figure out how to put this on my Facebook page in the next few days, but I wanted to share this with you via picture now.  This is how I track my conferences during the week; I know that a lot of people plan their conferences by day, but I just basically cycle through and hit kids where I can.  This generally means that I hit the kids at the beginning of the alphabet with writing conferences on Monday, and progress through.  I generally try to change highlighter colors daily so that I can try to keep track of when I hit kids, but like I said, I’ll start at the beginning and go through the alphabet.  If I’m having an insanely efficient week and get through all the kids before Thursday I’ll start back with the end of the alphabet kids, so that I might have two different conference with one kid in one day.  But really that doesn’t happen very often.  I’ve tried scheduling kids for days, but the reason I prefer this way is that I feel like it gives me freedom to conference flexibly and if something comes up where I can’t conference on one day for whatever reason those kids aren’t lost for the week.  I usually keep my notes from conferences on address labels and then stick them into the appropriate binder later.  I do keep a few notes on my conference sheet, as you can see, but the bulk of them go onto sticky labels.  Just an idea, if you’re having a hard time tracking conferences.  =)

Okay, friends.  I’m sure that alarm is going to go off waaaaaaaaaay too early.  Have a great night!

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