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Fitness in ’14

Greetings, friends!

I know that I’ve been taking a lot of time off over break, but I’m finally starting to get back in the groove, and to prove it I’m linking up with Bloghoppin’.  (Hopefully for the rest of the series, but things just keep popping up!)

The hubs and I are still back in the Midwest and it. is. glorious.  It’s so nice to see friends and family for such an extended chunk of time, instead of the 48 hours we’re normally home for.  Today, we’re babysitting the love of my life, my 3 year old niece.  Melt my heart.  She’s so darn adorable!  We’re all going to a wedding tomorrow, and then heading back to DC on Sunday.  It’s so close, but it feels so far away.  I will say the one thing that I’ve been TERRIBLE about this year over break is planning.  It’s like I thought that I was never going back to school or something.  I’m sure next Tuesday will be rough.  But the point of this post is fitness, so we might as well get down to biznass.

I have 2 major fitness goals for 2014.  The first is to lose 20 pounds before I turn 30.  I know that will require a lot of effort, and I think that I’m really prepared to put the work in this time.  In the past, I’ve been really committed, but refused to do certain things that could have pushed me over the hump, like give up the boozey booze.  However, I’m all in this year to lose 20 before 30.  My second goal is to beat my previous half marathon time.  I’d like to beat myself by 5 minutes, but I know that 5 minutes is a lot to cut off.  Honestly, if I beat my previous self by even 1 minute I’ll feel happy.  So, those are my goals.  I feel like there are lots of smaller goals that make up those mega goals, but that’s what I’m setting to do in 2014.

Good luck to everyone in meeting their fitness goals in 2014!  And if you’re already back to school I hope your students are going easy on you.  =)
Happy new year!


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