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I have the best intentions.

Happy Sunday, friends!

Really, I have great plans every week to NOT just blog on Sunday nights, but then it seems that things constantly pop up during the week and then suddenly it’s Sunday night again and I haven’t blogged since the last Sunday.  😦  Whomp, whomp, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Did you get lots of great stuff during the Cyber Monday sale last week?  I cleaned out my wishlist (mostly) and then made 1 impulse purchase.  (Darn you, Cara Carroll and your cute fonts!)  I’m really jazzed to start using this next week with my little nuggets who are struggling with their number sense.  This packet is chock full of superb activities designed to help littles identify number words, numbers, and the quantity that corresponds to a number.

I actually think that this RTI pack will tie in really nicely with this assessment that I created last week.  
I know that my assessment goes to 30, but as it’s a baseline assessment (and I actually teach first, not kinder) I think that it will still match up and give you an accurate idea of what your firsties need to focus on.  Or, if you teach K you can just stop your assessments at 20, instead of going all the way to 30.  In fact, since it’s the holidays and I’ve never given anything away before ever I’ll give away this assessment to the first 4 people to comment on this post.  That’s the way this works, right??  =)  Just comment and leave your email address and I’ll send the assessment your way.   
I’m off to lay in bed and watch football.  I somehow pulled a muscle in my back.  Which is ironic since I haven’t been to the gym or gone running in over a week.  Have a great start to your week, everyone!  (And if you’re on the East Coast stay warm and safe!)

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