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I got a little work done. ;)

Hi, friends!  I know I’ve been off the radar for about a week, but I was getting some work done.  😉  Not personally obviously, but my cute little blog.  Well, I like to think it’s a cute little blog.  Maybe you disagree?  I hope not.  =)

Y’all, I’m having major holiday brain.  I had a great post planned out, and I sure can’t remember what it was about.  (Reason #703,208 I should write EVERYTHING down)  So instead, I’m just going to tell you all 2 things.  One:  I did some Shared Reading this week with my literacy coach and it’s been so adorable to watch my kids get into it next week.  I don’t know how many of you do Shared Reading, but basically it works the way it sounds–you choose a brief passage (I generally stick with a poem) and then you teach kids how to read it.  We’ve been doing really cute things this week, like asking kids to read a selected word, pointing out trick words, using a flashlight to “highlight” certain words, and reading to the rhythm of the poem.  The kids have been having a good time, and they’ve even been into reading the poem at other times of the day, like when they’re fast finishers.  It’s endearing to see them so jazzed about reading.

And number two.  (Tee hee.  Permission to chuckle.)  I’d like to give some mad thanks to other bloggers tomorrow, because fellow bloggers are basically planning my partay/saving my hinney tomorrow.  We’re making the “pumpkin pie” that Corinna blogs about here while making these ADORABLE turkeys.

Alright, friends–one more day.  One more day!  We can make it!  I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and relaxing Thanksgiving.  =)


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