My Truth Monday (on a Tuesday)

I super love Denise’s topic for My Truth Monday this week.  (Which is why I hope she’ll let me link up even though I’m one day late!)  It’s all about becoming a teacher.  I tried to condense the story–which I’m sure you’ll laugh at when you see how much I wrote–but I’m a talker.  What can I say?!
I also have to have a super, mega, nerd out moment.  When I linked up with Susan, over here, at her brilliant little blog she not only decided to COMMENT on my blog, but she started following my sad little blog.  Y’all.  I felt like a celebrity had called me on the phone!  I geeked out so hard in my classroom this afternoon.  NERD ALERT!

Okay, friends.  Enough Rambling.  Here’s My Truth for this week.


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