I LOVE this new series!

Hey, y’all

Denise over here at Sunny Days in Second Grade has a GREAT new idea for a blog series that’s less about instruction and more about life outside of school.  She’s going to focus on one truth each week–and even though my current truth is that it’s 8:06 on Monday night and I have zero lessons planned for school tomorrow–I’m totally getting in on the first My Truth Monday.

Plus, what a cute little banner?!  Okay, the first Monday focus is fitness.  Yikes.  Fitness.  Way to get in there and get aggressive with the very first week.  I’m trying to share honestly here with this, as I do across the board, but I’m feeling nervous.  Fitness brings up a lot of icky feelings.  Here’s my official stance:

  I mean, I’m really trying to stay committed to my goal of losing 20 pounds before I turn 30.  Honestly, I’m just trying to lose the right amount of weight that will make me feel healthy.  Because I figure you’re only as healthy as your feel.  Yes?  Okay, friends, and without any further ado I’m going to head on and get those lesson plans working for tomorrow.  Whoop, whoop!



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