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My FIRST EVER Currently!

Hello, sweet friends!  I’m feeling really tech savvy because I FINALLY figured out (with the assistance of some googles) how to link up for this month’s Currently.  I’m a bit late, but it’s a month long thing so hopefully I’m not so late that I get kicked out.  (Crossing my fingers here.)

Listening:  The hubs spent his formative years in Indianapolis, and while he loves the Colts he really LOOOOOVES Peyton Manning.  Honestly, I joke sometimes that if he had to choose between me and Petyon he might choose Peyton.  😉  So we’re watching the Broncos/Cowboys game right now, and every once in a while there’s some shouting/advice giving/cheering/coaching coming from the couch.

Loving:  I’m going home for a family friend’s wedding in 2 weeks and I could not BE any more excited. (If you just read that in a Chandler Bing voice you’re after my own heart.)  I haven’t been home since Christmas and I’m so excited to see my family, my friends from high school, and my sweet little baby niece–who’s actually not really a baby anymore I guess since she turned 3 last month.

Thinking:  October is about to get aggressive!  This week is our first grade APTT meeting on Tuesday, our first data meetings are this week, and I’m going to a labsite on Friday!  And that’s just this week.  Yikes!

Wanting:  An IV drip of coffee is really what I feel I need to get everything done before school tomorrow.  Or the moral fortitude to get over my FOMO and stop going to the bar on Sunday afternoons to watch football games.  I just looooooove football, but I don’t care about the Redskins.  At all.

Needing:  Do I really need to say more about this one?  The goal is to drop 20 pounds before the big 3-0.  But it’s not going to happen on its own.  Actually going to the gym is going to be a crucial part of achieving this goal.

And y’all, here’s my treat:  put. this. in. your. mouth.  It is an extremely delicious smoothie that has a banana, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt in it and keeps me full all the way from 6:30 (when I usually eat breakfast) to 11:30ish (when I’m shoving lunch into my face while making photocopies, stapling, charting, etc.).  And don’t freak out about the spinach.  It doesn’t taste yucky.  It just turns your smoothie a pretty shade of green.  =)  Promise.

Okay, friends.  Thanks for reading my dissertation..I mean, Currently.  I’ll be back sometime this week with more news from room 125.


2 thoughts on “My FIRST EVER Currently!

  1. Hey there!

    I was super late posting too! My life has been CRAZY! haha! It sounds like you have been busy too! I am trying to drop some weight too, it's tough but you can do it! Don't forget that 80% of losing weight is what you eat, and you usually only need about 20 mins of cardio and some weight training to reach your goals. 🙂



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