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Just Another Manic Monday?

Hi, friends

This is a super short it’s past my bedtime, but I really want to share post.

First, I’m SO jazzed!  We finally were able to squeeze in yoga today for the first time this school year!  Two  years ago I wrote a Donors Choose project to get 25 yoga mats to teach my class yoga to help them self-regulate.  Plus, it’s a really great way to expose them to an organized activity that isn’t aggressive like football.  (Or deathball, as I sometimes like to call the recess version of football.)

And second, I wanted to share this brand spankin’ new product with you.  I’m really having a hard time building my nuggets’ number sense this year, so I felt like I needed to take a step back and teach them how to extend the counting sequence using tools.  I taught this lesson today and got really concrete, usable data back.  I’m feeling really happy about it.  Also, if you checked out my store yesterday you’ll notice that I knocked 50 cents off the price so now this lesson is only $1.50.  I think that’s pretty reasonable.

Have a great night!


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