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Five for Friday. On A Saturday. Sigh.

Wow.  I’m with my friend Carolyn on this week–there is no possible way this week had just 5 days in it.  Something must have happened to the space/time continuum.  There were definitely extra days added to this week somehow.  But, the upside is that now it’s the weekend and I’m sitting on our balcony enjoying some coffee and this beautiful fall weather to share 5 random things about my week with you.  
And I’m so jazzed that Jen from Hello Literacy designed these super cute number buttons for everyone to use!  (You can get them on her blog, on on Doodlebugs.)  If you teach reading and don’t follow Jen’s blog stop reading right now and add it your Bloglovin’ feed.  She has brilliant ideas about literacy and intervention.   No more blabbering.  Here’s my 5 for Friday.  (On Saturday.  Of course.)
I’m feeling so thankful for my K-2 team this week.  I had a moment of extreme frustration during a meeting this week and the next day one of my team members came up to me at dismissal and said that there’s all times that we feel like that and we’re here to support each other and help make each other great.  It was so sweet of her.  She didn’t have to say that to me; she could have just let that moment be.  But it really helped to refocus me and remind that I am part of a team, and you can only get out of a team what you’re willing to put into it.  I also really need to sing the praises of my real life friend and grade level special ed teacher, Kristin, who helped me cling to my last few shreds of sanity this week.  I have 2 particular little loves this year who need SO. MUCH. SUPPORT and Kristin was there every day after school to help me make behavior plans for them, to listen to me vent, and to give me a 10 minute break from them when I needed it.  Really, y’all, I know this sounds like a cheesy kumbayah moment, but I honestly just feel like sometimes I need to pause and reflect.
I do not know HOW this happened, but somehow the heat in our school kicked on this week.  Uh, it’s SEPTEMBER still.  How is that even possible?!  I mean, if I taught in a state that touched Canada I might understand.  I would imagine that maybe at this time of year in Maine or one of the Dakotas or maybe even Minnesota I might wish the heat was on in my classroom.  But here in DC?!  NOT necessary.  On Thursday afternoon it was a pleasant 75 outside.  In my classroom?  A balmy 81.  It felt like the reptile house.  My poor little loves were melting.  At about 2:30 I decided to teach an impromptu origami lesson on how to make a fan.  
This week, I introduced my work station rotation board.  It helped us by 1,000%.  Now I just need to work out the best flow for our work stations and the location of each within our classroom.  I’m hoping to put up the work station rotation cards in my TpT store by the end of the weekend.  I went with seasonal group names–bats, skeletons, ghosts, broomsticks, pumpkins, and spiders.  I deliberately avoided monsters because I didn’t want anyone to act like a monster.  😉  
I’m so excited to take a field trip with the hubs down to Eastern Market today.  It’s a fantastic outdoor farmers’ market/art market/totally radical market in DC just a few miles from where we live.  I sold him on the idea by promising to be back in time for the Notre Dame game today.  =)  And by promising to buy Honeycrisp apples.  
My classroom printer and I are in a fight.  I’m 95% sure that the fight is over, and that I won, but you can never really be sure.  (Actually, you probably can be sure, but I don’t have the technological prowess to be sure.)  To be on the safe side I will be printing most things that I need for Monday at home over the weekend.  I hate that moment of panic when I have to start going classroom to classroom to print what I need for the day.  
Enjoy your weekend, sweet friends!  

One thought on “Five for Friday. On A Saturday. Sigh.

  1. I'm having a fight with my speakers – they work when the kids aren't in the room, but the minute the kids come back – the speakers go on strike. So I think they are winning. I had some sweeties that needed extra attention last year – it's a little draining, isn't it? Hope this week is better. Sara


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