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I’m on time!!!

Y’all!  I can’t believe I’m not tardy for the party this week! I’m feeling so proud of myself for posting my 5 for Friday on FRIDAY!  Check one in the getting my act together box?  Without any further rambling, here are my 5 random postings from this past week.
1.  This past Monday was our first class birthday party.  And I had the frosting on the table to prove it.

I mean, did this little nugget even get any frosting into his mouth?!  
2.  I always forget how crazy back to school time is.  I feel so exhausted.  I only worked out one time this week.  And we went to a happy hour tonight and when we came home at 8:30 I was secretly wondering if there was a way I could call it a night right then and there.  
3.  Last year, in a moment of feistiness, I tossed all my seat pockets.  And forgot to request more.  So far I’ve been using these crates, but I don’t love them yet.  
The kids have a hard time keeping them neat, and sometimes they crush their materials when they are trying to put them back into the crate.  I mean, it’s been functional to this point, but I’m just not sold on it.  Any other ideas?
4.  Back to School night was this past Wednesday.  I think it went pretty well; I had half of my families show up, and I did a home visit.  A win-win.  I really think it was a great event, and I have an awesome bunch of babes this year who are so excited to learn.  
5.  We did this Fundations assessment today, and it went really well.  In a shameless self plug, this is part of my Fundations unit 1 work stations and it can be yours with several other activities for $5.  It was a great check in of our first week with Fundations.  I know that Level K rolls out letters a little more slowly than Level 1, but I think these activities would be helpful in Level K as well.  Take a peek!
Have a great weekend, everyone!  Enjoy all the football games!  =)

2 thoughts on “I’m on time!!!

  1. I can relate to the exhaustion, too. I have been extremely tired this past week. Like you, I've been secretly wanting to go to bed early. I'm hoping that this will fall into place and my body will adjust to the exhaustion. Take care and rest up. It's the weekend ….. finally. I never thought it get here. 🙂


  2. I was excited not to be tardy this week too! My Five for Friday has been showing up on Sunday since school started! I don't use pockets or crates, but my kiddos store things in common areas. Writer's Workshop journals have their own bin, we have book boxes for our reading materials and math journals are in the middle of the table. That's probably not much help, but good luck with getting your storage under control! 🙂


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