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First Ever Five for Friday…And I’m Already Late

Y’all.  I can barely believe that it’s Saturday.  Actually, if we’re being really honest what I really can’t believe is that I made it out with friends until 1:00am last night.  Or, this morning, I guess?  When we left I really thought we’d be home by 11:30 at the latest.  Suffice to say I’m beat today.  But it’s okay because today is college football kick-off so I’m just catching up on all the things that got shoved off this week.  I’m also linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday.  Except I’m a little late.  Oopsie.  :/
Here are my 5 things.  Unfortunately, I only have 2 pictures, per some phone drama.
1.  This is honestly the best parent information form I have ever received.

  I love that this little girl’s favorite thing to do outside of school is shopping.  I laughed out loud when I read this after school one day.  Watch out for this one.

2.  I love how quickly my little loves are buying into everything this year!  They’re already giving the kids who are picked for line leaders silent cheers every day.  So sweet!  Yesterday, during Choice Time there were 3 girls at the art supply table and I could hear them playing school.  One of them said “Now pretend like it’s your first day off the chart and you get a plus on your behavior calendar today.  Oh, yeah!  Woo hoo!”

3.  Yesterday, we worked on our hopes and dreams.  It literally took us almost all day to finish them, between having an assembly in the morning, teaching them each step of the project, plus embedding in lessons on how to use scissors and glue.  I mean, we really did hopes and dreams and read to self yesterday.  That was about it.  I snapped this picture of 2 cute littles working on their self-portraits.  The best part is that NONE of my kids wear glasses, but since I drew myself in glasses about half a dozen of them put glasses on their faces, too.  Love them.

4.  This first week back was NUTS!  I was so happy I planned the whole week over the summer; I had so much going on outside of school!  I had to 2 parties and a fantasy draft.  And really all I wanted to do was go to bed at 8:00pm every day.

5.  I’m so excited about college football coming back, and having a long weekend to recover that I’m going to put my TpT store on sale through Monday!  Take a look and snag some planning/organizing materials at a discount for back to school.  If there’s something you’d like to see that’s not there let me know!  =)

Have a great weekend, friends!
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