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Skipping Town

Y’all.  The back to school pressure is REAL!  My to-do list grows every day, and I’m not really sure I’m making any forward progress.  It’s literally keeping me up at night.

However, said pressure is not stopping me from leaving my lovely husband behind for the next few days in DC while I hightail it up to PA to meet my parents and aunt.  I mean, really it’s only 3 days.  And I promise to work on the train.  And I’ll go into my classroom on Friday.  So this will be fine, right?

I don’t really have a specific plan in mind today, but I did want to share 3 things with you.

  I don’t know if your Target will have the same deals as mine, but I got these binders for 99 cents EACH!  True confession:  sometimes, when I find really great teacher deals I turn into a bit of a hoarder.  Do I have any idea what I’m doing with 5 brand new binders?  Heck no.  But I hate when I feel like I’m a binder down in the middle of the year and people want me to pay them $4 for it.  So I’m preemptively striking this year.


Last Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day out here in DC.  I mean, practically perfect–sun shining, low humidity, just a few puffy clouds in the sky.  And all I wanted was to go to the pool.  But instead, I powered through and loosely planned my ENTIRE first week of school.  I definitely feel like I need to go back and script out a few lessons to make sure my timing is right, especially for the first few days.  But it does feel pretty liberating to know that I have the majority of my first week back planned.  One thing I definitely need are crafts to introduce some new materials–I would like to find something where my kids are painting, cutting, and gluing all in one craft, but I have no idea what the one craft will be.  To the pins!  I’m sure I’ll be able to find something on Pinterest.  Right?!  
3.  And here’s the last thing I wanted to share with you.  This very interesting infographic from my adorable baby brother who works for an educational publishing company.  (They mostly target higher ed companies, so no freebies for this girl, but it definitely gives him a super interesting perspective on the pace/trajectory of education.)  I’m not 100% sure I share this vision for the future of education, but it’s definitely an interesting picture that they paint.  I have a lot of reservations, but like I said it’s very interesting food for thought.  
I’m going to finish this laundry and get to packing for my last mini-vacation of the summer!  Enjoy the waning days of summer break!  How many days do you have left?

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