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No More Math…For a Little While

Hello, friends!

I’m quite confident that everyone thinks I only talk about math now, which is ironic because anyone who knows me in real life knows I’m a little bit of an idiot about math.  But I love teaching math way more than I ever loved learning it when I was in school myself.

There’s no particular agenda here today, folks.  I did sort of wrap up my series of math products on TpT by posting a rubric to track your students’ work, which you can check out here.

Is anyone else feeling the back to school heat?  Today marks 19 days until DCPS teachers go back to school, but it might as well be 19 hours.  I feel like I have so many projects to do, and I have no idea when they’re all going to get done!  My numero uno job tomorrow is to finish planning for the first day…or to potentially abandon planning the first day and zoom out to the plan the whole week, and then go in to more detail for each day after I have the wider lens of the whole week.  There’s just so much stuff that has to be done the first week!

Two books that I love, love, love to read during the first week of school are First Day Jitters, and Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  Obviously, I read First Day Jitters on the first day of school, and then we always do Abby’s Jitter Juice activity that you can find in her packet Fun with Firsties.  Y’all, last year my sweet little firsties LOVED Jitter Juice so much that anytime we had a party they would ask if we could make it again!  It was too adorable.

What are some books that you love to read on the first day of school?  Or within the first week?


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